Protection and Privacy

Security & Confidentiality

All of our datacenters feature physical on-site security, redundant switches, routers, power systems, fire suppression systems and full climate control. We're constantly on the lookout for new technology to enhance our customers' hosting experience and obsessively hunt down new technologies to ensure that all of our existing hardware and software resources are up-to-date.

Fire and toxic gas detection and supression systems.

Restricted access and video surveillance monitoring.

Anti-DDoS protection and mitigation techniques.

Data Centers Geographically (All Services)


High Efficiency & Performance

The entire Asylum Web Services Network benefits from 24/7 monitoring, multiple tier 1 bandwidth providers and an overlay network to deliver your data to your visitors via the speediest, least congested route at any given point in time.

Our unique SSD caching technology reduces server loads and improves page load times.


Maximum Security

When it comes to security, securing a data center environment and its physical server hardware is only half the battle—it’s important to protect your infrastructure from the software side as well.

ClamAV is our antivirus tool of choice and is installed by default on all of our packages. It’s one of the best and most flexible antivirus solution for email scanning. We've also implemented Anti-Spam software into all packages. Our package, SpamAssassin is considered to be an industry-leading tool.

We guarantee that your website will be online 99% of the time that it's hosted with us. This guarantee covers both network and server failures.


High Availability Redundant Systems

All servers have backup hardware and components on-site to cover even the remotest chance of hardware failure, and to ensure that we can resolve any network issues as quickly as possible.

All our facilities have networks designed to be resilient to denial of service attacks, are equipped with advanced network intrusion prevention systems, employ the latest networking technologies such as edge IPv6 support and feature redundant cabinet uplink & switching paths.

We protect your data with RAID-1/10 protected local storage with all sites backed up to remote R1Soft storage servers protected with RAID-50.

All Cloud VPS instances are safeguarded by an enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) that provides data integrity in multiple ways. Each storage group on our cloud is setup in pairs with real time replication and hot fail-over capabilities between the units. If a failure ever takes place, your data will begin serving from the standby replicated unit seamlessly with no danger to your data.

Additionally, each storage group also leverages RAID-50 protected arrays to handle drive failures gracefully with no downtime. We go a step further and provide off-cloud daily backups of all Cloud VPS instances, ensuring that if disaster ever does strike, for you or us, we can have you back online in no time flat.

The security of your data is crucial to us and we don't take any chances with your data.