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Article 500 Server Error
If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error the most common reason is from your php settings in...
Views: 347
Article How do I generate a Private Key and a CSR?
These following instructions are how to generate a private key and CSR to request a SSL.  ...
Views: 331
Article How do I increase my PHP Upload limit?
If you would like to increase the PHP upload limit of your website you may do the following......
Views: 454
Article How do I increase the PHP memory limit?
  If you wish to increase your PHP memory limit you can do the following..  ...
Views: 341
Article How do I request a SSL Certificate?
Submit the following information in a support ticket to get a SSL Certificate with a Dedicated IP...
Views: 339
Article How long does it take to update my account?
If you have purchased a hosting plan from us you can expect to receive your login details within...
Views: 331
Article What is virtual hosting?
Virtual hosting means your account is on a server shared with a set number of other accounts. For...
Views: 462


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