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Article What scripts can Fantastico install?
Blogs: A Blog is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in reverse chronological order. A typical blog...
Views: 1257
Article What is virtual hosting?
Virtual hosting means your account is on a server shared with a set number of other accounts. For most people a virtual account is enough to run a...
Views: 465
Article How do I increase my PHP Upload limit?
If you would like to increase the PHP upload limit of your website you may do the following...   Create a text file named "php.ini"...
Views: 456
Article How do I upload files to my site?
You can either upload files via File Manager in cPanel or the more common way of using FTP(File Transfer Protocol). To FTP you need a client such...
Views: 413
Article Can I edit my website without having to FTP?
Yes, you can create, edit, and delete files by using the File Manager in cPanel. 
Views: 412


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